I’ve Got Something to Say

The Year of the Lady has expanded to the Era of the Lady!  I continue to find inspiration from the strong, beautiful, mysterious, magical, generous, loving, brilliant women that I’m fortunate enough to have surround me.  This is a portion (the start) of a series – “I’ve Got Something to Say,” but that is all I will say for now, and I will let the Ladies speak for themselves 🙂

Year of the Lady!

Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of hosting an art and music fundraising event with one of my nearest and dearest friends, Miss Thea Tochihara, in support of the Tomorrow Project – a work readiness program for women.

The idea was born when Thea, a ridiculously talented songbird, and I decided to channel our energy and emotions from the tumultuous political climate at the end of 2016 into something positive and productive. A few glasses of wine and some deep discussion, and Year of the Lady was born! This event was to celebrate and support ladies at every place in life – entrepreneurs, artists, those in a difficult spot – and celebrate we did! I got to share some art, Thea tickled our ears with her music, and premiered an amazing music video (find it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFwpr2W1QH8). With the support of several local female owned businesses, and the dedicated team at the Tomorrow project, we were able to raise money, build relationships, and grow this community!

I offer my sincerest thank you to Del Sur Mexican Cantina, You and Yours Distilling, obr Architecture, and Rowlbertos Media for donating your time, goods, services, and huge hearts.

Cheers to the next one! And in the meantime, some photos!

On the Wall

I recently was lucky enough to have the privilege of painting my very first mural, in the nursery of my dear friends’ new baby!

Armed with some Behr paint, the guidance of a National Park theme, some ice cold saisons and lovely music, the work commenced!  I’m happy to report that baby Jackson loves it 🙂 Here are some lovely cell phone pics of the finished work…

In the Beginning

A few pieces in the works…  Quite a long way to go, but the beginning is always so exciting, especially with gouache and India ink on paper – the permanence of these mediums is such a challenge for me, and I love it.  I love documenting the progress and evolution of each piece.  I also apparently love sharing the documentation.  Here’s a sneak peek!


Finally, the completed pieces that were created for the Art Around Adams event!  All are gouache and India ink on cold pressed watercolor paper.  Working away from oil and canvas has been interesting, challenging, and fun!  I unfortunately did not get a finished photo of Temperance before it was purchased and those little birdies flew away, but this photo was close (and none of the photos are great quality anyway…).  Recreating certain ideas in different mediums is proving to be quite interesting and exciting.  Currently I have one idea coming to life simultaneously in gouache on Yupo paper, and oil on canvas.  More to come on that one later!

Virtues – Works in Progress

Inspired out of necessity (I had to temporarily relocate the painting studio from its previous super close location of my bedroom to somewhere offsite), experiments with gouache, India ink and watercolor have commenced! The aesthetic that’s emerging is something that I feel complements the fairytale, symbolic notion of virtues that I’d like to communicate. Here are a few works in progress!


Some new/newly completed things from the HOME show a few weekends ago.  What a lovely evening that was!  Thanks to everyone who was able to join, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Musical Easels

The brushes have finally been set down for the last painting.  The easel wasn’t empty long.  Now back to one that was started last year, and desperately wants to be finished!  Investing in a full-spectrum light bulb has brought the “sun” into the studio at night, and that makes me a happy girl.  Spring, creativity, and production are in the air!