“All good things are wild, and free”

For those of us here in sunny Southern California, the fall season is finally here! Well, maybe. Things are changing, at least! Things are definitely changing for me, as well. I think that sometimes a nice, big jolt of lightning is necessary to stir up what has become stagnant. Anyone who follows my silly little blog has probably noticed that the energy, excitement, and desire to be productive artistically have not carried on throughout the summer. Things happen. Things CHANGE. From all of this change, and lack of expressing myself creatively, I’m beginning, once again, to feel inspired. To want–to NEED–to create. The title of this post (not my creation, thank you Thoreau… but it is a quote very dear to me) is something that I feel and remember when I am in a good place, balancing my art and the other things that “need” to get done. It inspires something that is hard for me to explain, or maybe something that is too personal to explain with words… With that being said, it starts now! Sharing through mediums other than words. Focusing on what is truly important to me. I think I have taken the first step… And here it is. Finally! Be on the lookout for these… Cheers!Image


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