Pen Pencil Paper

Drawing. Drawing. Scribbling, doodling, drawing… It’s the year of the sketch book! I had put my sketch book aside for a while, because I was focusing on painting. Truth is, I think I had become intimidated by my sketch book, and drawing in general. I forgot how amazing it is to put pen/pencil to paper and draw what you see. To look at something–really LOOK at it and see the incredible shapes and lines and light and shadows that compose something as mundane as a shoe! And to do it not with the intentions of creating a masterpiece (though that possibility is there too!), but with the intentions of seeing. And practicing.

This inspiration didn’t appear out of thin air… Though I wish I could say it did…! A drawing class that I’m taking has reminded me of the importance of sketching, trying different techniques and materials, and taking my sketch book out and about with me. Often. All the time! I hope to stick with it, and hopefully will have some more fun things to share in the future. In the meantime, here’s my dear friend Matt



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