Macaroni Club!

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be asked by a friend of mine to show my work at The Macaroni Club.  It is a monthly event held for local art, music, and crafts.  It is put together by, and attended by, some very amazing people that I am lucky to know!  It was also my first  real show, and the first time my paintings are up on display other than the comfort of my own (or my friends’) home.  I had to write a bio and create price tags…  Scary!  I had quite a challenging time pricing my paintings, but I did it!  It was an interesting experience for me, as I am pretty self-conscious of my paintings… But it was an incredible time.  Huge thanks to Bryan, Aaron, Ashley, and Thea for all the love and support!

If you’re in San Diego, my paintings will be up at Monica’s at the Park until next month.  Cheers!


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